Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This post is dedicated to my mom, my favorite person to laugh with and my favorite person to watch the Real Housewives with.

Here is my list of the top ten ways the Real Housewives are just like toddlers:

1.      Lisa refuses to wear anything but pink.

2.      Ramona needs to bring a bottle with her wherever she goes to ensure that she always has something to drink.

3.      Carlton has a “playroom” in her house.

4.      LuAnn is constantly telling everyone that she is royalty.

5.      Yolanda refuses to have anything but juice at every meal.

6.      Teresa tends to throw food and flip tables when she doesn’t get her way.

7.      Jill needs to work on using her “inside voice”.

8.      Brandi doesn’t see anything wrong with someone peeing by the side of a pool at a party.

9.      Kim Z. hates it when her parents show up at her events.

10.  Everyone is always chauffeured around to wherever they need to go.

Which Real Housewife do you think is most like a toddler?

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