Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Weighting Game

A few weeks ago, Hubby and I were winding down after a long day visiting friends. “Wow,” said Hubby. “I think I lost a whole pants size today. Must be a little dehydrated from the heat.”

True, we had both spent the day in the hot sun, but we had also both enjoyed a hearty brunch and divulged in some tasty treats at a barbeque. My pants were actually feeling a little snug from the extra calories, but apparently all that my husband needed to do to go down a pants size was spend a few minutes SITTING in the sun. This news was a little disheartening to hear, especially for someone trying to shed some leftover baby weight. Getting a little “dehydrated” didn’t seem to have the same magical effect on me.
Other ways I wish I could lose weight, but have discovered do not work so well:
  • Filling up Pez dispensers.
  • Changing three diapers in less than 3 ½ minutes.
  • Taking a walk around the block with a toddler who stops every time we pass a fire hydrant, a garbage truck, or a leaf.
  • Frantically catching spit-up before it hits your shirt.
  • Mousercize.
Ways you can lose weight:
  • Diet.
  • Exercise.
A couple of weeks ago I decided my first attempt at real exercise would be going to my first spin class. After I fed the Baby and hugged Big Bro goodbye, I informed Hubby I was heading out.

“Good luck! I’m sure it will go just fine,” exclaimed Hubby.
I was a bit frightened. He had never wished me luck before hitting the gym or going for a run.

“It’s just that spin can be kind of intense. But I’m sure you’ll do great!”
Now I was flat-out scared, but it wasn’t so often that I had a free hour to myself so I decided not to overthink it and headed out.

Recently I’ve gotten into the bad habit of being 7 ½ minutes late to pretty much everything, so I was thrilled to arrive to class 10 minutes early. I paid my $20 and was told to grab water and a towel and choose a bike.
“Good luck!” exclaimed the man taking my money.

I decided to choose a bike in the middle row, that way I could easily keep my eye on the instructor but hopefully disappear into the crowd. The instructor approached me and asked if this was my first class. Maybe she could tell because while everyone else was busy warming up, I was carefully placing my towel on the machine and wondering how many bottles of Poland Spring I would have to drink before making my $20 back. I was shown how to add resistance to the bike and a couple of other little tricks and then the instructor wished me luck.
I wished people would stop doing that.

Class started and I had no idea what the big fuss was about. I was doing great! I marveled at the great shape I was in just three months after giving birth. I didn’t need anyone’s luck.
I was a spin goddess.

The instructor told us to add resistance to the bike. Maybe I didn’t add as much as some of the others in the class, reasoning that I was just a beginner and really should take it a little easy on myself. The instructor then told us to lift our butts off the seat for the uphill climb.
Then it happened. I fell off the bike.

I didn’t end up flat on my face. I just kind of slipped. I almost ran out of the studio. But I stayed. I looked around to see if anyone else had seen this.
“Look ahead. Don’t look at anything but your own bike.”

Was the instructor talking to me? It didn’t really matter. I listened and I didn’t look at anything but my own bike for the remainder of the class.
And I held on a little tighter when going uphill.

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