Friday, February 1, 2013


Usually I am way ahead of the curve when it comes to watching the best shows on television, but for some reason I jumped on the Homeland bandwagon really late. In fact, my husband and I are not even finished with Season Two, so no spoilers please! While watching Homeland I couldn’t help but think that these characters seemed awfully familiar. Then I realized why; they all have their moments of acting just like toddlers.

Here are the top twelve ways Homeland characters are just like toddlers:

1.    Carrie doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘no’…

2.    …or the meaning of the word ‘privacy’.

3.    Brody keeps putting the blame for things he’s done wrong on someone else.

4.    Remember the scene when Carrie tortures the bad guy by waking him up every five minutes from a deep sleep? This method of torture should sound pretty familiar to most every parent out there.

5.    David Estes pouts a lot when he doesn’t get his way.

6.    Brody’s favorite hiding spot is under a rock.

7.    Saul doesn’t like taking orders from anyone.

8.    Carrie often turns to the bottle when she needs soothing.

9.    Mike and Brody aren’t very good at sharing.

10. Carrie can entertain herself for days playing with her colored highlighters.

11. When left on his own, Saul chooses to eat peanut butter from a jar for dinner.

12. Carrie’s ugly cry is similar to a two-year old’s ugly cry.

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